The launch of the events of the Spring of Haremla Festival 36

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The Mayor of Harimila Governorate, Eng. Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Zaid, inaugurated the activities of the Harimila Spring Festival 36 .. which is organized by the municipality at a camp designated for the festival on Shuaib Harimila Road, next to the dam, in the presence of the head and members of the Municipal Council in Harimila Governorate and a number of directors and heads of government agencies, the people and visitors of Al-Shuaib.

Engineer Al-Zaid cut the opening ribbon, then the first festival (horse racing) began, in which a number of young women participated, and cash prizes were allocated for the winners of (5000 -1500) riyals, after which the horsemen performed a parade in front of the audience, which they admired.

The elderly and the youth had an appointment with the story and the poem, as the festival was hosted after the Maghrib prayer on the stage, the well-known narrator and poet Muhammad Al Sharhan.

In a segment organized by the festival called (Wafa Waqf), the journalist Abdullah Al-Rajeh, Executive Director of the Z-Balance Program, was honored. With a commemorative shield presented by the Harimela Spring Festival

The activities of the first day ended with rain falling on the festival site in a spring atmosphere lit by the well-known vocalist Hamed Al-Dabaan inside the closed theater with enthusiasm, chants and sheela, and the interaction of the audience, adults, youth and children, with this evening of singing, which lasted for about two hours.

On the other hand, the women's activities which were held in the halls of the Celebration Palace in Haremla, which included many lectures and courses in makeup and drawing, as well as displaying products for productive families and setting up entertainment activities for children.

It is worth noting that the men's activities began on Saturday 6/1/1436 AH and concluded with a speech ceremony on the evening of Tuesday 4/6/1436 AH in the festival camp.

As for the women's activities for two days, Saturday and Sunday 1-2 / 6/1436 AH.

The festival's segments included daily draws to attend on iPads and mobiles.