The opening of the media identity studio company

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Palm Media has opened the digital studio specializing in live broadcasting over the Internet and the production of digital content that uses modern technologies in digital broadcasting methods and serves all institutions, companies and individuals as well as the production of various direct and recorded programs.

The digital studio is considered an innovative modern technology in the work of specialized media and advertising agencies, and it enables digital content makers through social media platforms to implement all digital productions with high quality and efficiency.

Where the company director, a. Yahya Zainuddin, “Technological development has imposed itself on all aspects of our lives, and has become an integral part of our day, and the idea of ​​the studio was launched to enhance the quality of performance and professional digital media content.”

Zainuddin added, preparing the studio before the Corona pandemic helped us work within the company's emergency plan, during the curfew and declaring a state of emergency to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic, and was able to reflect the ability of the company and its staff to invest digital technology to work in times of crisis, as we provided appropriate digital services. For institutions and organizations that enabled them to implement activities and events digitally in order to preserve their safety and ensure the achievement of their goals.

It is noteworthy that the "Palm Media" studio is equipped with the latest technologies, including professional cameras, Autocue, multiple aesthetic cadres, various lighting equipment and audio devices, in addition to content preparers and a professional staff, as the company implemented many digital workshops and events from within the studio.